Raccomanded places

Padua is known as the city characterized by: a saint without a name, a cafe without doors and a lawn without grass.

Padua preserves one of the most extraordinary and revolutionary masterpieces of medieval art, the Scrovegni Chapel, home of the famous masterpiece of the Scrovegni Frescos Cycle by Giotto, and can currently only be visited by appointment. Adjacent to the Scrovegni Chapel, the Civic Museum of the Eremitani and the church with the same name. The view of the museum is integrated with the visit of the chapel.

Padua offers a remarkable historic center, with some places to visit:

 • The historical squares close to the Palazzo del Ragione, located near to the Pedrocchi cafe.

• Piazza dei Signori: Palazzo del Capitanio with the clock tower

• Palazzo del Bo - historical site of the University of Padua.

• in a few minutes walk you are at Basilica del Santo, one of the most famous places of the Christian worship, destination of thousands of thousands of pilgrims every year. Inside there are many sculptures by Donatello, including the Christ on the altar.

• The Botanical Garden of Padua is the oldest university botanical garden which is still in existence in the world and it is a UNESCO heritage site, contains (among countless other plants) the so-called St. Peter's palm, to which some writings are dedicated

• Walking a few meters, you finally reach Prato della Valle, which has the Basilica of Santa Giustina and the Amulea Lodge nearby.

There is no lack of exhibitions and cultural initiatives that follow one another throughout the year at the San Gaetano cultural center or in one of the many buildings that furnish Padua.

The ritual of the "spritz" is unique, gathering thousands of young people in the squares towards the evening.

From PADUA, in 15 minutes by train, you arrive in the center of Venice and, in 45 minutes, in Verona. There is also a wonderful boat tour to Venice, passing along the Brenta Riviera which overlooks the splendid Venetian Villa. Padua is also central with respect to the Venetian villas spread throughout the region. Among the most spectacular and easily accessible villas are Villa Pisani in Strà and Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta.